Photographer in Yarmouth Maine

Roger Duncan has been making pictures regularly since 1989. 

He lives in Yarmouth, Maine and sometimes travels with camera for work and fun.

Roger's Navy Reserve imagery from all over the world has been used on deadline by news agencies, international governments and archived as stock for repeat usage.

He can produce B-Roll Video with DSLR and upload to you via Dropbox.  He can lead a team to the field or serve as an editor from the office. 

He can write news, features, press releases or internet or TV copy as needed.  

He designs using Photoshop, InDesign or Dreamweaver. 

He makes still photos for diverse audiences balancing high quality and high speed as needed. He has photographed about 50 weddings in the last 15 years and has met needs for commercial, architectural and product photography. He moves fast, makes it fun and keeps prices low. 

His biggest 2015 clients were Maine State Music Theatre, The US Dept of Labor and The Forecaster

He plays well with others - taking direction, and being creative too.

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When you need a great photographer, hire Roger. 

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