Roger is a Chief Petty Officer in the US Navy Reserve. He operates a small business as a freelance photographer -- with the Navy as his leading client. 

In the Navy, Roger now manages a team of Reserve Mass Communication Specialists, who surge forward from civilian lifestyles to cover daily operations worldwide. He is a strong leader who leads from experience.  

While Roger works for the Navy regularly and on short notice, there's often time for freelance and creative work to be fit in on the home front -- which is Bath, Maine. Please do inquire about availabilty. Roger keeps his rates low because he enjoys doing creative work. Please do ask about prices and availability

With 20 years experience in professional photography, Roger has made pictures around the world and has been published widely. His documentary images depict action, emotion, and interaction. He enjoys shooting weddings in a documentary style and news photography and writing. He has a studio light kit which can be brought on location for any purpose. 

Roger does volunteer his imagery for non-profits occasionally. Please ask. 

Trained at the Missouri School of Journalism, and Lawrence University, Roger brings an artist's eye to photojournalism. 

Roger's work runs often in The Forecaster,  the Midcoast's weekly newspaper. 

He teaches by appointment. Please do inquire about private lessons or coaching. 

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